Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainy Day on Rainy Day Farm!

We are having a down day here at Rainy Day Farm.

Just look at those skies. It looks like mid-January around here. The chitlens are sick and after all the glorious sun we have had this summer, they gray days are back for a bit. We woke up to steel gray skies mixed with a bit of thunder. We have been enjoying the thunder though. We were all snuggled in our bed with the window open and listening to the low rumbles across the sky.

The animals are hiding out in the barn. Even though we live in a very wet state, ironically none of our animals like to be wet. Go figure! Yes, that is a chicken on the back of the goat. We have animals that like to use each other as furniture. Even more strange is that they put up with it? Animals are always a great form of entertainment.

The garden is very dark and gray today. The rain is great for it, and I am sure it will be evident in about a week, when the sun returns and it gets a needed rain boost.

The fairy garden too is enjoying the rain and life giving water, but non the less it is gray. I hope the fairies are safely tucked inside their little homes. I must remember to get around to posting the pictures of the completed garden. The kids and I have been working on it all summer.

The back yard is wet and gray, just like winter. It makes me want to bake some bread and whip up a yummy soup recipe.

Addison has been hit the least. She has just had a dandy of a sore throat and headache. Even when she is sick and grumpy this is about what she looks like. She is a happy child, much to our relief!

Poor Logan has been hit the hardest with this nasty bug. He has been running a fairly good fever and coughing like a smoker. He even turned down a cookie this morning. You know he is not feeling well when he turns down sweets. Poor little guy!

Landon is being a bit stubborn and not resting very much. He is too busy to be slowed down my measly cold.


Amy said...

Sure hope your kiddo's are feel'n better soon. Your garden looks so nice, and I'm sure it can use the rain.

Kristin said...

Great outdoor shots. Sorry about the kids! At least you aren't missing out on any nice outdoor weather.

Lorilee said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sick kiddoes! I an envying your rain though. Here in South Texas, my garden is done for the season. It is too hot and dry! We've hardly had any rain since last summer.