Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad Garden Progress!

Landon is not happy with the progress of the garden.


Amy said...

Is it cold there? Poor baby, his tomatoes just aren't what he was expecting!

Michelle said...

OMG...thanks for the laugh. Poor little guy! Well get to it! Get to fixing that garden so I don't have to see this poor guy cry. Lol!

fiberdoodles said...

Landon's reaction is just about the same as my husbands (ha). No matter how hard we try the thumbs are just not turning green ;)

Thank you for stopping by and the birthday wishes! German chocolate cake sounds YUM!

Take care,

Lynn said...

Your blog is such a delight! I love the music, the pictures of the garden and the kiddos. Maybe your little Landon doesn't like lettuce . . . he certainly seemed to like getting his picture taken when he had his grandpa's glasses on in a previous post. Hope his day today is going better. Nice to meet you :)

Skeem's said...

Your garden looks great:) Addison looks soooo tall