Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Visitor

While I was out watering today I had a little visitor. It perched on a twig on top of one of my rose bushes and watched me for a long time. I couldn't pass this moment up and ran for my camera. Much to my happiness it was still there so I could get a good shot. I had never seen a dragonfly like one of these before. I have seen various shades of green, but never red.

I looked it up to find a name for the beautiful creature and came across the cutest site all about dragonflies. This particular one is called a Scarlet Dragonfly. It was quite photogenic, posing like a supermodel of the bug world!


Michelle said...

FABULOUS pictures!! I have never seen a dragonfly that mesmerizing. :)

Amy said...

WOW.. fabulous! I have never seen a red one either. We saw a blue one in Florida... but this red tops that.

Kristin said...

Wow! Impressive shots, what an unusual bug! I expect to see that in the county fair...i think the kids shouldn't be the only ones showing.

fiberdoodles said...

I have never seen a red one before and of course that would be my favorite; I love red! GREAT photography!