Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walk the dog...or goat!

I am sure our neighbors think we are the weirdest people on the road. You can frequently find us with a small creature on a leash, walking down the road. Most people think it is new fancy breed of dog, until they get up close.

Why do we walk our goats you may be asking? Because these are 4-h/show goats and they need to know how to behave in the ring. Therefore we spend a great number of hours walking them around so they get used to the idea. Same principle as a new puppy.

Sometimes it goes well, and we have a leisurely stroll down the street. Although, sometimes it is more of a race back to the house, and the goats end up walking us!

You see, because they have a low center of gravity, they are much stronger than they look. Sometimes I even have a hard time keeping control of them. Poor Logan gets drug around all the time, because even the little ones out weigh him.

So hopefully all this work will pay off in the ring and they will come home with a Grand Champion ribbon!


Kritter Keeper said...

that is so cute!! i love this post. thank you so much for putting a smile on my face!!

Amy said...

I luv it... HA! They are even cuter on a leash!

Carol Jean said...

Love those kids, all four of them.

Connie said...

How cute is that? Tell Logan that he might want to try eating some protien to get some goat herding muscles going.
Those two new goats are a great addition to the Gardner Family Farm.

Megan said...

So cute! With all that goat walking time, does the dog get a walk? Jacob's new favorite way to walk his dog is to be pulled by Hurley on his skateboard!

Boyd Family said...

The kids look so cute walking up and down the road with the goats. Logan is a trooper!