Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monster Trucks Next Door

Our next door neighbor is a Monster Truck mechanic. How many of you can say that about your neighbor kid? He used to feed our animals for us when we would go out of town, and endlessly entertain us on his motorcycle on the track out back. He may even become a driver one day!

He works for the owner of the Grave Digger series of Monster trucks. They are based out of North Carolina, and when we were back there a few years ago we got to see the place that he lives and works from. Tanner will be traveling across the country, Europe, South America and Japan. That is quite the job for world traveling.

This is what it looks like in the show arena, with the big tires on. (I got this pic online)

Here is Miss Addison taking her turn sitting in the truck. The seat is in the middle instead of the left side like normal cars. There is nothing NORMAL about these trucks. They are 1500 horsepower, thrill ride monsters. One of the guys with Tanner said he was sore for days after driving this truck and jumping it.

Here is Logan wondering where the key to start this thing is!

Of course Landon and Daddy had to take a turn inside the truck. How many chances do you get in your life to sit in a $170,00 truck!

Here is Tanner (in the middle) with his partners in crime.

This is the truck that Tanner works on regularly. It is called Iron Man, just like the movie. It even has pipes coming out the back that shoot out flames. Do you think I could get a set of those on my van? It would make tailgaters think twice wouldn't it?

These are the tires that go on the trucks. I am 5'8 and I could barely see over the top of these things.

This is the truck that these two monsters ride around in with their 8 tires. It is a bit of a squeeze to get everything in! I am pretty sure that 1/2 of our town has been over to see these trucks. It was pretty funny. Only in the sticks! Trust me, we soooooo live in the sticks. It's great!


Connie said...

I can just see all the neighbors, "Look what just came to town, can you believe it?"

I'll bet the kids thought the trucks were amazing and HUGE. It's not everyday you have something so cool right....next...door!!!!! COOL!

Kristin said...

My boys would love this! Can I link you on Field Trip Fridays? Cool!

Amy said...

I bet it gets pretty noisy around there!

Ms. Bake-it said...

And who said the "sticks" were boring?!?! My four nephews would love to have these as neighbors! That is right up their alley!

~ Tracy

Calamity Anne said...

When my son was younger, I decided that he needed to have a little bit of culture in his life.....so I decided to take him to see a Broadway show, and if he agreed to do that, then I would do some event with him. Guess what he chose? A MONSTER TRUCK RALLY!!! I still haven't gotten my hearing back after all these years!

Megan said...

Very fun - those wheels are huge. If I show this post to Craig he will be suggesting a trip to your house very soon!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Really, how many people can say they know somebody who works for Grave Digger. That's AWESOME!
What great pictures.
I've missed your blogs, been a little busy on the farm? Or just busy playin' with them big trucks? LOL.

Boyd Family said...

Jeremy and Joseph went to a Monster Truck Rally in Altus. It was pretty cool they said. We all wanted to go, but it was pretty late and I think I was massively pregnant with Jace.

Addison's hair is SUPER cute!!

tammy said...

How fun is that? My boys would be all over this. We love Grave Digger and have been to the monster truck show before. I'm going to have to show them your post.

cfoxes said...

That is too AWESOME! My husband and son would love it!

wendy said...

Living in the sticks can be the best ever.

and I have a few grandsons that would LOVE TO SEE THOSE TRUCKS.