Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day

I better get these pictures posted before Valentines day passes me by completely. I have not had a ton of time lately to blog, so I have been putting this one off a bit, because it is so big. You know, the big posts take a ton of time. So here we go.
This is a project that I saw on The Idea Room. I am sure you are beginning to think that the only blogs I got to are the Idea Room and Grocery Cart Challenge, but I just can' get enough of their ideas.
While I was at my Mom's house last time we decided to do a craft and this was the one we chose. My Dad was good enough to keep the kids at home so we could have a little girl time without fits and meltdowns. Thanks Dad!

So here's what you need for this topiary project.
1/4 yd. felt
Styrofoam ball(you choose the size) I used 3"
Straight pins
container to put it in
Glass that measures 3" across
ribbon for hanging (if you make a kissing ball)
Dowel (if you make a topiary)

Use the glass to trace circles (or make a cardstock pattern) on the felt. I doubled the felt to cut two circles out at a time. Cut out ALOT of circles. You will need them. Depending on how close together you place the circles is the number of circles to cut.

Put on a good chick flick and start cutting. It is therapeutic work.

Then fold the circle in 1/2 then in 1/2 again. Using the pin in the bottom tip of the felt square, poke it into the styrofoam ball. Continue until the ball is covered completely.

Hang the ribbon, with a pin or hot glue, and place beads from garland into ball. Enjoy this simple and elegant craft. We made quite a few of these in just a few hours.

I also thought I had better post a few pics of my Valentines decorations. I don't have a lot, but they get the job done for the season. Here are two of the balls that I made and I sat them on these buckets that my mom gave my kids last year with their treats in.

I decided to put this tree out of my bathroom(I have very rustic decor in my bathroom, hence the tree) and decorate it with some clearance Christmas balls that I bought when we were getting the felt. I intended to make some felt ornaments for the tree, but just have not gotten to it yet. I hung a kissing ball from a hook on the mirror, and brought out the glass topiary that my mom made me for the fairy garden (I brought it inside for the winter).

This is a closeup of the topiary that I made. I added the beads to the ball and a few branches of beads on the bottom. I must give my mom credit for this, because she is the one who embellished hers first. I am just a copy cat!

I bought some of the garden stones and put them in a small vase I had for a stable base for my topiary. I have a hard time keeping the kids out of those rocks though. They think they are so fun to play with.
I hope you have a very wonderful Valentines Day, and enjoy your chocolate!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

THAT is just prescious! I love this idea.

Morgan said...

These are great! Thank you for the instructions

Kritter Keeper said...

that is really neat! glad you got some time to yourselves. that is really nice that you and your mom craft together...too cool!

Amy said...

Lurv all of it Maria.. great job! I know that's a lot of felt cutting girl.. HA!! Cute tree too.

Kristin said...

Cute nice job!

A Gracious Home said...

The pictures are great. I will try to make this next year. It's very beautiful for Valentines Day. Thanks, Doylene

**Amy** said...

They turned out great! What a nice Dad to give you and your mom some crafting therapy! Thanks for the link!