Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Confessions of a Slacker

Ok, you may have noticed I have been random and sporadic at best on my blog lately. I have not been feeling the post love lately, and have had little desire to get back to it. I have even thought about ending my blog. Take a deep breath, I am not going to do that! Breath in...breath out!

I have decided I want to continue, because I really enjoy this for myself.

The past two years have been chaotic in our house with job changes and health issues and a third child, and the stress has truly fried my brain. How do I know this? Well, do you ever get to a point in your life where your brain won't shut up? Do you find yourself going into a room and not remembering why? Do you forget appointments? Do you kids have to ask you several times for the same thing? Well that has been me for the past year. It was really starting to get me down. I couldn't get motivated or organized, and that is just not like me!

So what is the change you ask? Don't think I am fruity, but I went to a friends house and laid on a mat and did a light therapy session. kooky sounding, I know, but after 15 minutes my brain finally quieted. All the chatter(no, I don't hear voices), no perpetual to do list running in my head. My brain is quiet. I feel like I am living in the moment every day.

On Monday I got more done than I have in months. I don't feel anxious about all the things I need to get done, I just worry about what I am doing right now! It is so freeing! So there is some explanation as to where I have been lately. I do have lots of posts to catch up on and I will be working on that. I may not get something everyday, but I am working on it. Thanks for being patient!


Amy said...

No worries, I for one will be here when your ready. Everyday life has a habit of taking over at times. It can make us feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and (brain) fried. You have a lot on your plate. A piece at at time.. that's all that any of us can chew. Chin up girl, many blessings.. many blessings.

LanceandMandyBird said...

I felt the same way (and still do sometimes) who doesn't? So keep going! I love your blog and would be sad without it to put a smile on my face : )

Calamity Anne said...

I definitely know where you're coming from. My motivation level has been poor at best over the past year...and after 2 years of blogging, I think at times that it's time to close that chapter of my life. Then I think how much I love where my blog is at right now, and know it needs to continue for me, if for no one else. Good luck with whatever decision you make that's right for you!

Whitney Keith said...

I LOVE reading your blog!! I always read it although I rarely comment and I'm sorry. I'll try to show you more love! :)

McCleary Mama said...

That sounds like something I need to do! Is it a friend that does it for fun or what? Do you have any info on it?
Josh calls me "half-ass". Because I do everything that way. I told him I can't help it. I'll start doing something, and find myself worrying about the next thing, and forget what I was doing in the first place!!

Megan said...

It is very hard when kids and life take over and you feel like you are just treading water to make it through a day. You do so much for so many people, take care of yourself too!

herbiej said...

Honey, I feel like that ALL the time! There's no shame in that at all, I'm just glad you're feeling better. Gotta ask though, what sort of therapy takes place on a mat? Was it yoga? It doesn't really matter (only I'm too fat for yoga right now), but whatever it is, I need it too! Please share the secret that cleared your head so some of us can clear ours too!
-long time stalker, first time commenter, Lisa