Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunny Day on Rainy Day Farm

Like I mentioned before we have been having a cold nap here in the Northwest, so that usually means clear blue skies for us. I know it is rare, but true. So on nice days the animals of Rainy Day farm are allowed to come out of the pasture and nibble in whatever is left in the flower beds and lawn. They love it and it is really fun to see a chicken, goat, or horse walk by the window when you are folding laundry or doing the dishes. Quirky I know, but still fun. Hubby doesn't like it because they do poop as they please, but I promised to clean it up, so he only grumbled a little. Remind me after this post to get outside and clean off of the back patio! Oops!

Here is Danny Boy the rooster and Lucille scratching through the garden for bugs and worms. The only thing funnier than a chicken running, is a chicken scratching.

Here is Fred the pony boy with his nice warm blanket on keeping him toasty in the cold air. He just love grass, any grass! He loves to go in the backyard, but only if his goat buddies are will him to protect him. If he can't see what is on the other side of the fence he freaks. But with the goats he is fine. Weird I know!

Here is Black Pearl using her dark coat to soak up some sun to warm her little chubby body, either that or she if giving Royce the stink eye, I am not sure which.

OK, sorry for the bum shot, but this was too funny not to share with the world, I am not sure if he has an itch or is doing goat yoga! I am going with yoga, because even chubby little pygmy goats need to feel relaxed!


Amy said...

Lurv' em! How are the chick's??

tammy said...

You're having sun and we're having rain. Things are totally messed up! But I would love seeing the animals walk by my windows.

Kritter Keeper said...

ahh, so cute! i am glad you blanket your horse!