Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Snow!

I know this barely qualifies as much more than thick frost, but hey it's snow!
We woke up to the tinniest skiff of snow this morning, and as you can see it didn't deter the kids for one second. They didn't even take time to put on warm clothes. It was PJ's for them!

The took it upon themselves to dig around in the shed and get the sled out. They even pulled Landon all over the yard. He loved being chauffeured around in his chariot.

It got to be time to head to church so they reluctantly came in the house, frozen like little popsicles!


Amy said...

Yep.. I thiiiink I see the snow.. LOL.. Just kidd'n. How cute they dug out the sled.

Our snow from yesterday is just about gone. It warmed up on us.. but we are in for more later tomorrow, and I don't think it will be melting quite as fast.

Connie said...

I swear your kids are part Islandic, they are snow going fools. So funny about the pj's.

tammy said...

How funny that they're out there in their pjs. I know my 8 yr old would be right with them though. He keeps wishing it would snow here.

Megan said...

Hey, we didn't get any snow! They look adorable in their pjs. My kids are going to be jealous that you got snow! When are we getting together?