Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frugal Friday(Saturday Edition) #6

I can only use crazy hormones (no, I am NOT pregnant)for not getting this post done on Friday. I completely forgot until my mom said something. I even had a great topic all ready to go. I am not quite sure what happened.

Rainy Day Farm

So I wanted to give you some great frugal holiday tips in this post. I want to focus on frugal gift ideas. I came across this List that had 63 different ideas. Some where good and some where OK, see what you think.

There's always the draw names idea, play a white elephant game idea, spending limit per person idea, and the Christmas budget idea. But you are all too smart to post that old stuff, so I want to give you something new and fresh.

1. Look at this super great idea from Oops I craft my pants off. It is a great idea on choosing, getting and giving the most meaningful gifts possible.

2.Handmade Christmas gifts are always great. Not for everyone, but most. Last year I was on a super tight budget so I made picture frames and stocking hats(with a knifty Knitter) for most of the kids on my list.

3.I know the hardest to buy for are men! We all groan when we get that brother-in-law who only likes expensive things. You think, 'What am I going to get him?' Right? Here are a few great ideas that I found on Martha Stewart, of course. A car travel kit, what guy doesn't like to be prepared. One thing you can never go wrong on is a gift card for guy. Here is a link for cute gift card holders. My Dad loved it when my husband got him a headlamp. He gets excited every time he gets a chance to use that thing. Click here for more great guy gift ideas for under $50.00. You can never go wrong with food either. A large tin filled with goodies is always a big hit with the men.
4. For the women on your list it is much easier. I always have a fun time picking out gifts for the gals on my list. A gift certificate for a great book at Border's, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble is always a hit. Or a great gift basket that you put together with some yummy tea, scrumptious lotion and a gift certificate for a manicure would be so much fun to give and receive! Anything from Bath and Body Works is also a hit. You can get items from $2.00 on up! Who doesn't need a jar of this stuff...

Merry Christmas, and may if be calm and stress free. Make sure to slow down and enjoy things!


Connie said...

I know how hard things have been and you have done a wonderful job stretching your dollars. You definitly speak from experience.

Amy said...

I couldn't agree more with your gift suggestions... all of them are good. MY hub's has received a car travel kit and your right, they definitely can use them. I had to chuckle at your dad getting excited to use his head lamp.. my dad is the same way. I think he has a tool for every possible situation.. lol.

Oh.. and I need a visual on how to use that knifty knitter.. just say'n.... (wink) I've seen it in the store, but I'd love to give it a try.

tammy said...

All great ideas!