Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Got Chicks?

Since our "Girls" are molting right now it reminded me that I needed to get some new chicks to help out with the egg production around here. So my good farm buddy, Rey, told me that he had some new chicks that were ready to go. I jumped at the chance and ran over on Saturday and got the little darlings. Aren't they cute! I just hope they are not all roosters, or I and my hens are going to be in trouble!

These are the same gentle giants that our rooster Danny Boy is. They are so adorable right now and are already getting the feathers on their legs. They are also the most calm chicks I have ever had. They just lay around and don't get to upset at anything. They are going to be lots of fun.

My chicken lover, Addison, was not home so I had to bribe Logan, not a chicken lover, to hold the new little baby for a picture. He is a bit terrified of the chickens. Probably because they are almost as big as he is. He only agreed after I had him cover his hands with his coat sleeves. He was very concerned that is was going to poop on him. I guess he was not in a mood to throw up right then. He is looking pretty cute though. Landon is now a chicken lover. I can't keep him away from them. As soon as he gets outside he says "Kicken! Kicken" Life on a little farm is so worth all the poop.