Monday, September 14, 2009

Been Tagged!

I was tagged again by my blog buddy Amy from Keepin the Sunnyside
I'm supposed to talk about 7 personality traits.

1. Animal Lover-I LOVE animals of every kind. My blood pressure drops every time I am around animals. I would bring home every stray if hubby would let me! I cry harder if an animal dies in a movie, than a human. Pathetic I know!

2. Way too honest. I just can't help it, that's how I was raised! Sometimes I don't realize I am hurting others feeling by being honest, it's just how I am. Sometimes telling the truth has gotten me in a lot of hot water, but at least I was honest!

3. Organized-I have to be organized, or I have major meltdowns. It makes me CRAZY not to be able to find something. Eye clutter makes me stressed out! Piles of papers make me irritable. It is so satisfying to open a junk drawer and have it be neat! Not that my life is always organized.

4. Hardworking-I love working hard. For some reason I get a lot of self confidence out of working hard. Keeping my home up, working in the yard, working on projects, etc. I just can't stop myself!

5. Loyal but Untrusting-OK, that sounds funny, but I have friends forever and am loyal to the end, but if someone does something to loose my trust, that is it forever. I find it impossible to trust again. In the words of Mr. Darcy, "My good opinion once lost is lost forever."

6. Terrible Speller. I am constantly typing words into Google for spelling correction. Even simple words stump me sometimes. I just look at is and think it looks OK! Duh!

7. Like Amy I am very Shy! It must be a Taurus thing, because I am terribly shy in a room of people I don't know. I am terrible at creating conversation out of thin air! My mind goes blank and then I feel like an idiot, an the moment passes and I just sit there. But once I feel comfortable around someone, I am an open book.

Now you get to read even more about me! Are you sick of me yet! I am, but here goes!
These are the ABC's of ME!
So here goes.
A- Available/Married? VERY MARRIED!
B - Best Friend? Molly-best best buds as long as I can remember!
C - Cake or Pie? Chocolate Cake please!
D - Drink of Choice? Milk, sometimes Dr. Pepper
E - Essential item you use everyday? Laptop (for blogging of course)
F - Favorite Color? Red
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms
H - Hometown? Castle Rock
I - Indulgence? Symphony Bars
J - January or February? February definitely! Daffodils, Valentines, Addison's B-day! Love it!
K - Kids and their names? Addison, Logan, Landon

L - Life is incomplete without? Family time
M - Marriage Date? August 20
N - Number of Siblings? 3, all younger
O - Oranges or Apples? Both! I love Fuji's and Clementine oranges!
P - Phobia's/ Fears? My kids being abducted! So scary! My husband being in an accident!
Q - Quote for today? I am a child of God!
R - Reason to smile? Hugs from my kids!
S - Season? Fall for sure! I love crisp weather, soups, sweaters, fall leaves, back to school, football, etc. I could go on and on and on!
T - Tag 3 People? Mom, Michelle, Nicole
U - Unknown fact about me? I lived through Mt. St. Helen's erupting. I was six and terrified. We had to evacuate for several weeks. Not fun. Plus the swing set got ruined. Major bummer when you are six!
V - Vegetable you don't like? Brussels Sprouts-They taste like dirty gym socks!
W - Worst habit? playing with my hair
X - X-rays you've had? None
Y - Your favorite food? Bacon and Egg Sandwiches!
Z - Zodiac Sign? Taurus

Enough about me, let's hear about you! Make sure and send me a comment if you play along! I always like to learn about everyones quirks!


Amy said...

YOU PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR TOO?? Now this is getting scary. I have done that since I was a child. My son (15) does it too, when he is watching tv. (not in public, luckily..LOL) Lots of similarities..

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I loved getting to know you. That first part...I envied you. I need to be more like you in the organization department...umm..and hardworking. :) Okay and how do you make bacon and egg sandwiches? Boiled eggs? Scrambled eggs? Fried eggs? Oh it sounds yummy!

I will do this on my next post...probably not tonight but next? I loved getting to know you and thanks for tagging me! Happy Monday!

Michelle and her kit kats

Megan said...

Im with you on the brussel sprouts, not a favorite! Love the slide of your garden, it looks beautiful.