Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year!

Fall is my favorite season. Back to school, crisp air, a warm hearth, pumpkins, the beautiful colors. I am drawn to all the warm beautiful colors of fall, reds, browns, greens are all my favorite. I just feel so renewed in this season. I am not sure why, but I love it anyway, plus is leads on into Christmas, which is also a favorite of mine. I enjoy traditions and making life beautiful, and this a perfect time of year for that.

I decided to start with the front porch. This is the wreath I bought at a bazaar a few years ago. I just love the colors. Of course, everyone is always welcome at our house!

This is my front porch display. My corn didn't do so well in the garden this year, but it sure is the perfect size to go with Nellie the scarecrow! One thing I still plan to do is put some cute vinyl lettering on my fake pumpkins. I'll post that later!

Meet Nellie! Nellie says, "Hiddie Ho Neighbor!" Don't you just love her little scarecrow pin. My Mother-in-law gave that to me years and years ago. I just love it! Bye Nellie!

Now we move inside to take a peak. This is the top of my entertainment center. It is a big one, so I have to put big items up on top to may it look OK. so my cute little church and weather vane take the honors because they are so big. This year I added different things like the fabric pumpkin and fall garland. I love to hang lights up there because it makes a wonderful soft glow in the family room at night.

This is picture of Hubby and I 16 years ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was so fun to dress up for this, and since I love everything western it has always been a permanent fixture in my decor. Don't we look like babies! I just love that old fashioned cat, isn't is so charming!

This is my little vintage pumpkin man Henry. Don't you just want to wrap him up and take him home? That is exactly what I did! I just love old vintage Halloween decorations. They are so cute and charming! I can't forget my little ceramic pumpkins, a Jo-Ann's purchase on clearance. There are three of them, but I often divide them up and move them around.

I did put out my Thanksgiving decorations along with fall because I want to be reminded to be thankful for all my many blessings. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for all the blessing I have and these help me be reminded of them.

These are some blocks I made at my Mom's house last fall. They were simple and fun. I just love the falling leaves!

This is my kitchen table, that I love to decorate. We don't eat here often, because we have a bar, but I still love to decorate it up. I am continuing to use my basket, because I just love the darn thing. In the words of Aunt Ruthie, I want to marry it! I also want to marry that super cute rooster pitcher my Mom gave me a while back. Can you believe she found that adorable thing at Goodwill? The Flowers, oh the flowers, were my special gift to myself for starting work and having the kids back in school. I found them at Trader Joe's (love that store). They are the most beautifully colored Gerber daisies with smaller yellow daisies and one sprig of eucalyptus that smells divine! The sparkly pumpkins I found a Walmart for super cheap!

This cute little pumpkin is my most recent fall addition. Picked this little gem up at Walmart for $5.00! It is so cute and after I marry the basket this little charmer is next!

For this group I got out my checkered cloth and a bit of ribbon for the plant pot. This little scarecrow is Burt. Say hi to Burt! I got him at the same adorable bazaar that I picked up the front door wreath. It was a good one! The little clay pot with fall foliage in it is something I made years and years ago when we lived in Utah. I even found the tiny little acorn on the ground when I was out riding horses. I have had that little cutie ever since!

Well that is just about it for me. I hope you enjoyed my fall decorations. I feel so alive this time of year and I hope you do to. Now go out and smell some fresh air!

This is what I do to make my home sing! Head on over to Mom's the Word and see what others do to make their homes sing!


Kristin said...

You always know how to deck out for the holidays!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

your home is super cozy fabulishous! I wanna come over for tea.

momstheword said...

Oh everything looks so pretty and fresh! I love how you decorate for fall. I don't really do that but every year I think I should do it. It would be so much fun and I enjoy seeing other's decorations.

I used to move the furniture around and bring out some knicknacks that were more seasonal for winter, but I haven't done that in a long time.

You make me want to go do it right now! Thank you for joining us today.

The DIY Show Off said...

You have some beautiful fall decor! Great job! I can't decide what my favorite spot is! It all looks so festive!

I was so excited to see you sign up as a follower and my button on your side bar too! You've made my day! :)

Have a great week!

The Real Me! said...

OH very very nice! I'm waiting until the 1st of October because I'm having a Sweet 16 Tea for my daughter at the end of this month and I'd have to "un-decorate" to "decorate" for that! LOL

Amy said...

Maria.. everything looks wonderful! So cozy, and inviting. I just love that Welcome on the front door. Nellie is as sweet as can be.. well .. everything is. Great job!

tammy said...

Love it. Looks fabulous!

Tracey said...

I love Nellie the scarecrow! I think you're quite the talented decorator! I wish I had a bit more of that in me so that my girls could enjoy seeing some decor changing once in awhile. I tend to set things up one way and never add or take anything away. Great job!

Allison Scherer said...

It is nice to enjoy fall vicariously through your words and pictures, since our leaves won't fall here until February, March.