Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week!


That pretty much sums up the kind of week I have had! I went to my moms at the beginning of the week and, even though it was fun, that threw me off by a mile. I just couldn't get myself back together after that. We ended up no doing any school this week, and I am just going to call it end of winter, clear the cobwebs, break!?! They have breaks like that don't they?

Anyhoo, with the help of my kids, (they actually thought it was fun to move the furniture and vacuum under it, can you imagine) I did manage to get the house clean and in shape for Landon's party this weekend. Now if we can just keep it that way. I am considering bribing them with a trip to Grandma's Kitchen for ice cream on Monday if they keep their crap picked up all weekend. Do you think it will work?

This is how I woke up this morning. Feeling hopeful that some little cleaning trolls would show up during the night and clean everything for me. Fat Chance! This is more my reality!

So after yelling really loudly twice and scowling most of the day, I remembered that I had not taken my vitamin B this morning, which would explain the yelling. I ran, and I mean ran, into the kitchen to take it. Soon after I felt more like this!

Not really, but I am trying to stay positive here, no one likes a downer.

And, I just want to smack this next one, because no one is that happy about a clean pan. And who could stand that fluffy thing in her shirt hitting you in the face everytime you bent over to pick up your husbands socks! I'd throw them in his face after a day of that thing hitting me in the face!

OK, I am done ranting, I promise to be better tomorrow. Thanks for letting me whine just a little.


Connie said...

Did you have a bad morning?
Thank goodness for Vitamin B.

nikkicrumpet said...

YAY I love meeting fellow I'm glad you came to visit so I could follow you home. Your blog is making me smile really big. I LOVE the flowers and the picket fence! What an adorable place you have here. I'm with you on the whole cleaning thing. ARGH!! The only time my house ever gets the attention it deserves is when we have company coming to visit. My best friend from who lives in Houston is coming to visit in several weeks. I've set a goal to clean one room a day before she gets here. That way it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Lucky for me the only one here to mess it up is my dogs and it should stay relatively clean...well except for the nose prints on the windows....I gotta get my hubby to stop doing that hehehehe.

foxxy said...

He! He! How funny! Sorry you had a bad week. I know how that goes. So sweet of your children to try to help.

Apronly Yours said...

Just Great Maria, another trip to the bathroom (I was laughing so hard). I'm going to get a computer for the bathroom just so that I can visit your site without having to leave in the middle of the blog. ( Dang, those 7 kids thing) You just have a knack for helping me get the whole picture not to mention the overwhelming feeling of knowledge and remembrance. I just love Ya! Mona.............

susette said...

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Michelle said...

Wow, what a crazy week! Thanks for coming by. :) When you said northwest and snow I had to quickly look at the forecast here in Portland! Lol. It was definitely cold today but I think we're supposed to get up to the 60's by the end of the week, thank God! I need Spring! I am jealous you have your own horse. :( After riding, it makes me want one.