Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Favorite

I ran across this recipe on one of my new favorite blogs Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I have seen so many delectable recipes on this site. I am sure I have gained at least 7lbs. just looking at their site. Don't go there, whatever you do, when you are hungry, it is just as bad as when you go grocery shopping hungry, spam even looks good then. Ok, I would have to have not eaten for at least two weeks before spam would sound good. Sorry Jason! (My brother-in-law loves that nasty stuff, but wants to hurl when he finds out there are vegetable purees in my meatball soup, wimp)
Onto the cake! It was sooooooo much easier that it looks in the picture. It is one of those recipes that you need to through a little flour on your face and act like it took you all day to make it.(do you remember that commercial, what was it for? I can't remember)

I used my trusty Kitchen-Aid mixer and riped open the boxed mix. It was rough, let me tell you. I baked the cake according to standard directions. The only difference is that I put it into my spring form pan, that I must shamefully admit I have never used since I bought it three years ago, until this recipe came along. I know, I will spank my hand for committing such a crime. But I promise to use it more now that I know how awesome it is.

The "recipe" link I posted above with have greater detail instructions than I am putting in here. I am just to excited to get to the finished project. So bear with me.

I do want to pass on a really great tip to you right now. My Mom, who worked as a cake decorator at Baskin Robbin, yum, told me a great tip for making the icing look so smooth and pretty. Are you ready, this is top secret decorating information. Not really, I am just tired and feel like being over dramatic. run your small spreader under warm water and shake it off. Run in across the icing and it will be smooth as a babies butt. Close enough. That is my secret that I am sharing with you today. I will share more later, but it takes a lot out of me and I need to rest.

I piped all the fancy stuff with my easy accent decorator to give it that "I slaved all day for this" look.

This is the bad boy in the flesh, or whip cream would be more appropriate. Doesn't it look like a masterpiece. I was channeling some serious inner Martha on this one! In fact I would not be surprised if her staff calls tomorrow and asks me to show Martha how to do this cake. Not really...I would probably wet myself if I had to show Martha anything but where the bathroom is located.

It was a big hit at the party (my baby and my hubby, aren't they cute) and got quite a few oohhs and aahhhs from the crowd, and it tasted pretty scrumptious too. We all agreed it would be great in the summer, because it is so refreshing. Go on and bake one for yourself! I won't tell anyone if you end up eating the whole thing yourself.

Ok, I really hate doing this but I have been getting requests for more pictures of me, so I put on my best "2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate" smile and hoped my double chin was minding its manners and posted a picture of myself. Don't be scared. And stop chanting that cheer in your know you did it. Happy baking!

P.S. What the heck is up with my eyebrows? Where's the other half? I hope I don't end up on the Blah, Blah, Blah Blog for having freaky eyebrows. I have to go and have Whitney fix me!


Kristin said...

You look gorgeous and so does your cake! nice work, very impressive!

Amy said...

MMmm.. the cake looks wonderful.. great job!! So do you by the way.. be kind to yourself girl! :)

Amy said...

OOppps.... I forgot to mention that you changed your blog name.. or did you.. I think you did.. anyway.. very cute.. I like it.

nikkicrumpet said...

LOL no freaky eyebrows here!!! And I'd never do that to you! ok maybe if I thought it would get a laugh! Thanks for the linky love you nut! And I hope nobody actually ate that's a work of should be framed!

Anna said...

That looks like it could be in a magazine!! I'm impressed!

Megan said...

Good job on the cake, it looks fantastic! I love your tip about icing cakes, I do that as well and it works great.