Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Easter Craft!

I was inspired to do this project from my blog friend Amy when she put a sneak peak of sparkle eggs on her blog. I had the eggs from another project that I never got to...story of my life. So I headed out to the craft store and bought some pink paint and glitter and got to work.

Paint some large wooden eggs any color you wish, I chose pink, because that was the color of the glitter that I found. I only bought one color because it was a bit more expensive that I had thought. Didn't glitter used to be cheap? Maybe it's because it as called "Fairy Dust". I guess they put a cute name on something and it is license to charge and arm and a leg. Enough ranting, more crafting!

I painted the eggs with two coats of paint, because one just wasn't enough to cover very well. After they dried I painted on the Mod Podge and then sprinkled well with the "Fairy Dust".

This is the finished product, all pink and sparkly. My daughter is going to ask to have these in her room for sure. She is addicted to pink, and has everything pink that she can get her hands on, but that is another post for another day.

All put together on the table. The eggs have their own little bed of reindeer moss. By the way did you notice the table runner. I made it by myself (with a little help from my mom). I am not a sewer, but I did manage to sew in a straight line and make this little number. I hope to make more for my table for all the other holidays. Yet another post for another day. Hope you enjoyed it!


Amy said...

Very cute.. I love sparkly eggs!
Pink is one of my favorites too.

I finally got mine glittered.
They showed up in my bunny

YES, glitter is expensive.
The finer the glitter/dust, the more
expensive, but that is my favorite

Amy said...

To answer your question about the mini books. Those blank books were sent to me by an online friend. She used 3 plain white cardboard/paper CD holders for each book. She glued them together using double sided tape. She ordered them in bulk online. They are the cutest, and I will be disappointed when I have used them all.

About my "button". My hubby made that for me. I found a character online that looks amazingly like me (for a cartoon character that is). He made it into a little block, added my blog name, etc. He changed a couple things to make it my own, then made a code specifically for my blog. I honestly have no idea how he did it, but I promise to ask him for hints/suggestions so you can make one too!

Natasha said...

I love those! We will have to do some more when I come up. Fun!!!!!!

Samantha said...

Found your blog through a friend of a fried. Love your eggs !
I will have to make these, they turned out beautiful, thank you for sharing !

laurag said...

Maria, I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Something I love about you is that you are very real and true to yourself. You spend time on things in your life that are important to you and don't waste your time on the fluff and the people you try to impress most are the people you love. You're a wonderful example. Sorry this is a little sappy...:) We want to get together REALLY bad!! Love, Laura G.

Kara said...

Love your glitter eggs. They are just fabulous!

Lynn said...

These are so cute. And best of all, you can save them from year to year :) Thanks for sharing your fun project.