Thursday, February 19, 2009

Early Riser

Having children wake you up early in the morning has few benefits, but this is deffinetly one. Waking up early enough to see this kind of light in the sky is worth it. I admit to being a tad bit grumpy when I first wake up in the morning. (I am sure Robb will have very loud snort for all to hear when he reads this) But once I have rubbed my eyes, stretched, touched my feet on the floor and have a good 30 minutes to myself I am good to go. I would sooooo be one of those people who don't function before their first cup of coffee, if I drank coffe.
So this morning when Robb said I had to get out of bed "NOW" I really really didn't want to, but I was curious to see the sky. I was not disappointed. This view was spectacular, so I had to get out my camera and share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I just wish I had a better camera to do the beauty of God's creation justice. (Hint, Hint Robb)


Kristin said...

That is very pretty, I love the silhouette of the trees too.

Anna said...

Wow! Maria that is a great picture.