Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Best Friends Baby

My childhood best friend was gracious enough to work in having her baby while I was in town. I told her I was coming into town for a couple days and that it would be great if she had the baby while I was at my parents house so I would not have to come down again. She said she would work on it, with a yeah right tone in her voice, and low and behold she actually went into labor while I was here. She was even awesome enough to have the baby on my brother and her husbands business partners birthday. Is that a true friend of what. That is amazing power to accommodate someone else's schedule when delivering a baby, and in her attempt to be so accommodating she had that baby so fast she didn't even get the all important epidural. Poor thing is still traumatized from the experience. She compared it to being trapped inside a really bad car accident and waiting for the jaws of life to get her out. That is quite the comparison I think. But, the little bundle of joy is well worth it. She is so adorable, and hardly made a peep while we were there visiting. You did good best friend! Here's to kids, may we have a dozen more, NOT!!!!!

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Connie said...

Ohhhhh! So "pretty in pink". It's always so much more fun holding a baby that someone else had to do the work to get. I would have a dozen if I could get them handed to me that way.