Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Game!

Yesterday, Addison and I were finishing up school and Logan was playing in the living room. He was making some pretty funny noises, so I turned around to check on him, because he is frequently getting into trouble, typical 5 year old that he is, and this is what I found. Logan playing "Baby" in Landon's exersauser. He was having such a grand time that I could not get upset at him for being way to big for the toy. Then he caught sight of me watching him and decided to ham it up. Nothing is ever boring with Logan around.

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Mommy Bee said...

that is SO something my 8yo would do. LOL!

I saw that you voted for me on MMB and wanted to come thank you, and decided to read down a bit while I was here.
I was homeschooled too (though for assorted reasons am not currently hs-ing my son). Good stuff. :)