Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ringing in the New Year!


We had a fairly quiet New Years celebration at my parents house. If you count 5 incredibly noisy kids running and rolling (Landon) around the house constantly being told to be quiet, and my Dad counting down the minutes til he could go to bed (being up late is not exactly his cup of tea.), and my bother-in-law making wise cracks all night it was a quiet evening in.
This was the first year that the kids got to stay up that late, and I am sure my sister is with me when I say they will be jaunting of to bed around 9:00 next year. We all love our kids dearly, but there was very little fun to be had by he parents. We played a card game that took two hours to complete because there was always a glass of water to fetch, a Wii game to start, and of course a spat or two to break up. Next year I am going to come up with a kid party that ends well before midnight, most of the kids can't tell time all that well yet anyway. Do you think they will notice?
As you can see Spencer and Logan just couldn't quite make it this year. They both fell asleep about 11:45. There were few whoops and hollers because we did not dare wake the sleeping beasts. Those are two boys that you do not want to wake up, growly bears are what they are! Anyway, there was a little fun to be had and lots of snacks and treats to round out the holiday season. Hope you have a great Happy New Year!
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Anonymous said...

Ya, I agree, the party kinda fizzled. Oh well it was fun being together anyway.(thanks for letting me sleep in til 10:30 and then having breakfast made when I got up)