Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deck the Hall's


Once we dashed down the road in our trusty sled we arrived at my parents house. We had a bit of a harrowing experience on the way down. The snow plows left the road and we proceeded onward. The closer we got the worse the roads got and the truck in front of us spun out, we narrowly missed getting an auto body present for Christmas. But the expert driving skills of my husband got us out of the scrape and we cruised on for the party. Once there we stuffed ourselves on all forms of breakfast food and rolled in the family room for presents. We had a giant rip and tear session and then hung out and played with all our new toys. We played a few games (that is why Dustin has his hands on his head, Curses was really fun) and somehow ate even more food. I am sure a small country could have been fed off the food that was consumed that day. We then all took some alka seltzer and went to bed! Here's to another year of fun.
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Kristin said...

Looks so fun. merry Christmas!

Megan and Craig said...

Glad you got there safe. This Christmas sure has been different with all the snow! Have a fun new year's.