Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love that Bing!

I have to admit that I love Bing Crosby, sssshhhh don't tell my husband. OK, I don't love him like that, more like I want him to come to my house and sing me to sleep every night love him. I don't care that he died in 1977, I want to be sung to sleep every night. I guess I could upload songs to my ipod for a similar feeling, but I am going for authenticity here people. In my quest of becoming a crazed fan I came upon some interesting information on our main man Bing. Did you know that Bing was born in Tacoma, on "J" Street, and was raised in Spokane, and that his real name was Harry, Bing was a nickname from his favorite radio program that stuck. All great things seem to come from the NW. Are you amazed by the knowledge you are gaining just by reading my blog? I am sure that these facts will save your life one day. Maybe it will save you embarrassment on Jay Leno's Jay walking questions. Who knows?
As you can tell by my currant play list that all great Christmas songs were sung by Bing. No No, I am not kidding when I say that ALL Christmas songs sung by Bing are the best. Are too! Now just admit I am right!

What would the world be like without White Christmas! I cringe to think of it. It is my favorite, and I mean favorite Christmas movie of all time. The songs, costumes and dancing are truly wonderful. It makes me want to go to Vermont and wear muff on my hands. The world just would not spin right if the song Snow, Snow, Snow did not exist. All right, I admit I have a strange and disturbing addiction to this movie, but it just reminds me of a simpler time and lifestyle. True, I was not even born then, but it seems like such a wonderful time. If you haven't seen it, do it right now. Yes, right now! If you don't like it, just spare me and keep it to yourself! I don't think I could handle the disappointment. If you love it we can have a White Christmas party. Happy watching!


Megan and Craig said...

I share your White Christmas passion. This movie inspired me to take tap dancing lessons for 7 years as a girl!

Burbs said...

Do you know about his family home in Olympia? I love Bing too. My fav song is "Happy Holidays at the Holiday Inn"