Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade!

We got to participate in the annual Shelton Christmas Parade with our three little pygmy goats. The kids are part of the Country Living 4-H group, and it is the club tradition to walk in the parade with all of our animals. We all spend hours creating elaborate costumes for our goats and then walking them through a crowded street of people like little dogs. Yes, I made the poor things wear antlers and have jingle bells on their legs. They actually tolorate it pretty well, I am sure they would rather be at home eating grain, but they were great. The only downside to being in a parade is that there are about 47 other groups before you so you stand around for and hour and a half and then walk for about 15 minutes in the actual parade. It is a little like Christmas morning, you work for months just to finish in 30 minutes saying, "Is that it?." It is worth all the standing around, because honestly how many times in your life do you get to participate in a small town parade while walking costumed farm animals. Not many people can put that on their life list!

Logan was the official Landon walker and did a great job, he was ready to go! The waiting around was killing him. I think he asked about 1001 times when the darn parade was going to start.

This is Addison, with Pearl, and Katrina, with Ice, posing before all the action. Pearl did such a great job walking right beside Addison during the whole parade. I thought she would tire out, but she was such a trooper.

This was Landon before the parade. He was so excited that he was bouncing in his stroller and laughing at all the animals. He was having a blast...

...and this is Landon during the parade. He was so excited before that he wore himself out and slept through the whole parade. I heard several people say, "Look at the baby, he is asleep!" Can you believe he sacked out for the big moment. That's my boy!


Megan and Craig said...

Okay, I seriously laughed so hard at this! You guys have the best experiences. I'm not sure whose cuter, Landon or the goats with antlers on!

Skeem's said...

How fun! The goats look cute! Landon is getting big, how cute he fell asleep, what a good boy!

Kristin said...

Adorable and hilarious!