Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corn, Corn and more Corn!

I came into the kitchen and found my entire counter full of corn, beans and various other items from the garden. The kids had gone out and decided it was high time we harvested the corn. They have been waiting for weeks and weeks to get to pick that corn. I picked a few the other day and I guess that was the green light to go ahead and harvest all of it. Thankfully they actually listened to me when I told them about what ripe corn looks like and picked the right stuff.
So even though I had other things to get done I promptly shifted gears and put up corn. We had over 30 ears of corn and believe it or not there are still 3 rows I need to finish picking. All that watering, weeding, and waiting have paid off. We have a freezer full of various fruits and vegetables.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having this garden. Nothing beats growing your own food and then reaping the rewards. I love knowing that we worked hard for something and were richly blessed. I have talked with several people about their gardens and very few people were able to get any corn at all. I count by blessings everyday for what we have harvested from this garden. It has brought our family together is ways I never thought it would. My children have shown nothing but enthusiasm for this adventure that we have taken on. I am sure that it will not always be that way, but for now I am going to enjoy their excitement and enthusiasm.


Anna said...

I am so impressed by your garden. I really wish mine had turned out so well. Maybe next year. Do you have any pointers?

Whitney Keith said...

Good job! I really hope we can make a garden next year and have as good of luck as you :) That's awesome!!!

Kristin said...

You are such a rock star!