Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adorable Baby!

I was changing Landon's diaper the other day and thought he looked so adorable that I needed to break out the camera. He was in such a happy mood and being so charming and cute. Landon always has a smile, and even tries to smile when he is upset. I could not resist sharing this little cutie. He is 6 months old now and is growing like crazy. He is rolling all over the floor and loves to yell at his toys. His bottom teeth are trying to pop through, therefore he is a bit of a drool monster these days. He has even had a cold this past week and it hardly slows him down. This kid sure can eat too, his favorite foods are yogurt, yams, squash and of course his bottle. He loves that Addison is the little mommy and always takes care of him, and he thinks Logan is a crack-up. You can see in his eyes that he cannot wait to play with his big brother. I am so interested to see how he grows and changes in the next six months.

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Allison Scherer said...

Landon is so cute I want to squeeze him!