Saturday, November 5, 2011

November This and That

I had several pictures that were not really related to much of anything, but still fun. So, I decided to post them together in one fun mish mash of topics.

 Logan made a really neat model of the world. He had to take a picture because I had no idea how to store this for posterity. You can already see the cracks in it. He did a great job and it was a really fun project for him.
 Landon made this cute little feather head band at school for fall. You can tell by the look on his face that he is pretty proud of it.
 Logan finished up his last game for soccer. Here he is with his medal and his favorite soccer buddy Brett. They have been playing together since they were 4 and were so excited to be on the same team.
 We let Honey Bee come visit in the house one day and she loved running all over the couch. She is sniffing Addison and I think Addison is a little scared! Maybe she is afraid of goat cooties.

I just love crisp fall mornings. The front yard just looked so beautiful that I had to grab the camera.

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