Sunday, July 3, 2011

Land of Liberty

We have been working so hard around the farm for the month of June that I have been terrible about keeping things updated on the blog. So I thought I better do a bit for 4th of July. It is one of my favorite holidays. We are even getting great weather this weekend, which is rare in the Northwest. So we are excited.

Addison and I decided to get in the spirit of things and gave ourselves pedicures just for the 4th. We went with a Stars and Stripes Theme. I saw this in a magazine and just new we had to do it. It was really fun and our feet look so festive. The top picture is my feet and the bottom one is hers. Can you tell we are related? Piggy toes for sure.
I just love the look of this cake and thought it was so festive. We will not be having it, but I did want to share it. I borrowed the image from the Food Network.

We are planning a little BBQ with some friends and eating all the traditional 4th of July food. Burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and of course dessert. My friend is bringing her famous death by chocolate, which I am so looking forward to. We may even have some smores. What is more American that that.

We even took some time to make a little craft. We went to story time at the library and this was what they made. So simple, some string, a bead, cut straws and paper stars. so simple and so cute.

We even dressed up our little tree in our foyer for the fun. We added red glass balls, star light covers, rusty stars and Ol' Glory for the topper. The kids had such a blast decorating.
And the best of all, we are going to get to use this baby. We have been working on this project for the past two months and it is finally full and ready for some summer swimming. Our awesome neighbors handed the down to us so that our kids could enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool. They could hardly wait to get in. We are set for all kinds of fun this summer.
Could anything be better than your own pool! I think not, and I am sure Addison would agree with me.
Logan and Landon are little fish and did not get out even when they were covered with goose bumps. Here is to a great summer!

All of us here at Rainy Day Farm want to wish you all a wonderful and safe 4th of July. We are so blessed to have been born into this great land. Even though we have our problems, this is still the best country in the world.
Happy 4th everyone!


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Happy 4th of July!!!

Cute toes. I did the same for My Girl yesterday.
Cute craft and tree too. Sounds like your going to enjoy a nice picnic. Hip Hop Hooray for a pool! We had one just like that when I was growing up, and I lived in it the entire summer. SO happy for you guys.. such fun!!!

Connie said...

Looks like you won't have to hear "I'm so bored" at all this summer. Have fun and stay safe.(and keep Landon in sight at all times!!!!)

wendy said...

Absolutely there is nothing better then your own pool...I am not a fan of pulic pools.
Celebrations for the 4th are among the best.
and your toes are so dang cute