Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring "Sock Hop" Concert

 Addison had her second choir concert and it was a 50's theme. We had exactly one weeks notice to come up with a themed costume for the night. I was thinking, what in the world am I going to come up with. Then Addison and her bestie, Faith, hatched a plan for our neighbor, Cindy, who was not only super nice to take on this project, but super talented for us non-sewing moms. The skirts turned out great and the girls loved them. The bonus is that this is also going to be their Halloween costumes this year. BONUS!
 Aren't they adorable together. Watch out boys in a few decades  years.
Doesn't she look like a Peggy or Sue or even Peggy Sue! Har Har
The concert was cute and they sang all kinds of cute songs from the 50's . I did take video, but the lighting was so dark it wasn't worth sharing. Sorry.


tammy said...

So cute!

wendy said...

I think they look GREAT

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Stopping by to say HI! How did I miss this post?? She is absolutely adorable!! Both of them!! Love the skirt, my girl has one from a sock hop she attended in Girl Scouts years ago.