Friday, March 18, 2011

Turning 3

Three years ago I gave birth to my last child. He came into the world with a bang and an emergency c-section because he got a little crazy with his umbilical cord and had it wrapped around his neck twice. The nurses told me it was a blessing because his noggin was not something I would want to have to deal with.
It was really hard to have him in the nursery and not with me. I thought it would be so great to rest, but my mother instinct kicked in and that was it. I painfully made the walk into the nursery several times a day to snuggle with my chubby cheeked little baby. He was a charmer from the beginning and had ALL the nurses wrapped around his little finger.

He brought a lot of joy into our home when we were going through a rough time in our lives. He has always been such a joy. It is really hard not to smile when he is around. He is everyone friend and very free with the smiles.

Being a boy, he is very busy and very curious. He has been into about everything and thinks he is much older that he is. He thinks he should be able to do ALL things that the older kids do. We joke that he is 3 going on 25, always in such a hurry to grow up!

Landon also loves animals as much as the rest of us. They don't intimidate him for one minute! His favorite are the goats. He thinks he is a showman already!

Here he is hanging out with one of his pals.

Lover of all things boy! He is always up for a good Monster Jam race! He is also the best Wii player in the house. We have no idea how he is so good, but he beats all of us regularly. One or our babysitters said she tried really hard to beat him and he still won.

So, Happy Birthday to the baby of the family. Landon we love you and are so grateful that you have been sent to our family. Heavenly Father must have a lot of faith in us as parents to trust us enough to raise you. We love you so much and are thankful we are allowed to be your parents.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Happy Birthday Landon! Such a big boy!

Megan said...

Oh, we love you Landon! Happy 3rd Birthday! Our babies are growing up too quick. Is he really the best at Wii? This I have to see!

Verde Farm said...

How sweet he is. What a big boy at the Monster Jam Truck Show. You are a blessed family :)

Connie said...

What a fun addition to your family. Can you imagine life without him? He is a crack up.

tammy said...

He is adorable. There is just something about little boys. Maybe because that's all I know!

Randy Hall said...

This is such a cute post. Sorry we couldn't make it to his birthday. I can't believe he is three already! Time has gone by so fast. I remember when you were pregnant with him. Doesn't seem like that long ago.

wendy said...


wendy said...

EVERY---birthday is a milestone!!!