Friday, March 18, 2011

Life with Skipper

Life with Skipper has been fun and a bit of a challenge. He is so much fun to cuddle with. I can't sit down without him bounding in from the other room and snuggling in my lap. He also LOVES to go to bed with Addison and snooze with her until it is time to go in his kennel.

There have been challenges too. Like potty training, chewing and running away from us outside. I have not been able to do enough training so he is still a little rough around the edges. I thought my husband was going to kill him or me the other day when he got out and took off to the neighbors. We live in a very rural area with creeks, wild animals, and loose neighbor dogs that won't hesitate to have him for a snack. My wonderful husband launched himself in the air and over a log to catch that tiny little rascal. He is surprisingly fast for such a little thing. I have to admit, that one more lap around the pasture and I was ready to leave him to his own devices. I realized I need to work out more so I can keep up with him. Yikes!

Landon always keeps things interesting and has to explore as much as Skipper. He thought he would try taking a nap in Skippers kennel. He barely fit.

The kids love to have him around to play with and snuggle up too. He loves to be with them and when they go outside without him he paces the house looking out at the window, not believing the betrayal of not taking him with them. He also gets VERY excited when we come home. He can hardly contain his excitement. His little tail just beats back and forth.

And finally, this is his favorite place to keep watch on the family. This chair faces the family room, kitchen and hallway. It is the greatest vantage point for such a tiny guy. Irresistible isn't he?


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh he is soooo cute! i know the frightening feeling of maybe losing a pet in the woods. i do hope he stays safe and kudos to your good husband for catching him!

fiberdoodles said...

How adorable!

Megan said...

You are SO nice to let him hang out on your beautiful leather couch! He looks like such a cute dog.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Little dogs can certainly be a handful. Even though our Sadey was potty trained, it at times has been a challenge to get her to potty OUTSIDE. She is so much better now, hasn't had an accident in quite a while. it just takes time. We have no choice but to keep Sadey on a tether when she is outside. We have coyotes.. and they would eat her UP! She got loose one day and I almost fell in the pond trying to catch her. I was literally exhausted, had skinned knees and I was so angry, I didn't even want her around me the rest of the night. She knew she was being bad, and kept taunting me by running away. Thank goodness she has settled down.. yikes.

Skipper sure if cute though. Funny how they find their favorite spots. He looks so innocent in that last shot.. LOL.