Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monster Jam

Since our neighbor became a crew chief on the Iron Man truck for Monster Jam tour my kids have become the BIGGEST fans. They hardly miss an episode and our collection of Hot Wheels trucks has grown quite a bit. Landon hardly goes anywhere with out at least two in is hand at all times. So when my neighbor called and asked if we would like tickets to the show near our house we jumped at the chance. We donned our ear plugs and headed to Monster Jam. We also got to go to the pit party where all the trucks are parked and you get to meet the drivers and get their autographs. Of course we had to start with Grave Digger.

Landon couldn't take his eyes off the races. I don't think a trip to Disney land could top this for him. He and Logan were up at 6:00 am waiting to go. They didn't get up that early on Christmas morning.

Bounty Hunter is one of Landon's favorites. He knows all the name of the different trucks. You only have to tell him once and he remembers it.

Super Man is a very cool looking truck with it's red flying cape. All the drivers were so friendly and nice to everyone coming by. They even signed the truck we brought.

Look at that concentration. Few things hold that still for 2 house straight. We all had to wear good ear protection because these things are loud and I mean LOUD! This video doesn't even come close to how loud they are. It vibrates your body when they rev up. That is why ear protection was vital, especially for kids.

It was lots of fun and a great memory for the kiddos. Thanks Tanner!


tammy said...

How fun! Especially that you got to get pics taken by the trucks and drivers. Connor's favorite was Grave Digger. I couldn't believe how loud it was there!

Connie said...

Testosterone heaven! You are so right, the memories made are priceless.

wendy said...

I have never been to a pit party.
but plenty of "pitty parties". (tee,hee)

wow, my grandkids would LOVE THAT!!!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Well now that looks like every little (and big) boys dream come true. Glad ya'll had fun!!

Megan said...

Very fun! My boys are jealous, especially that you got to go to a pit party!

Devri said...

NO pit partys here yet either, But hopefully one day, my two boys were in Heaven watching this video!

Verde Farm said...

How exciting for the kiddos and the big kids :) LOL I absolutely love that little Landon’s face. He is adorable and so into it. I can tell he is taking it all in, possibly dreaming of his day driving the big red cap truck. Love it!