Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Snow

We have an unofficial family tradition to drive up to the Mountain and look for Elk and snow. My sister, youngest brother, sister-in-law, and their baby decided to jump in his truck and go find some snow.
We stopped on Hofstadt bridge and tested out fear of heights and looked over. We each took our turn spitting over the side and watching it fall. Some things never get old from childhood.
(My brother Dustin, Me, my sister Tasha)
Side joke in our family is that my sister and I always end up in the same type of outfit. It freaks our family member out because they say we look a lot alike. My nephew even came up to me and said, "Mom?"
This is the view from the bridge looking down. It was a LONG, LONG way down.

We didn't find much snow, but we did wow my sister-in-law with our mad elk spotting skills. We found a small heard on this hill. Sorry I don't have a super power lens to get you close to the action. You will have to take my word for it and just enjoy the sun shot I got instead. We come from a long line of elk hunters and we were brought up chopping wood and spotting elk. We found a few and had to look hard for those.

Yes, this is Mt. St. Helen's. We live less than an hour from this mountain and went through the 1980 eruption. The mud flows wiped out half our neighborhood and we had to evacuate our home for quite a while. That is another post for another day.
We had a great time and did find a little bit of snow in a parking lot. My bother got to spin the wheels a little and we all had a great time. My little niece was a peach and slept most of the drive.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

HA.. there you two go again looking like twins.. thats amazing. Those views are so beautiful!

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Verde Farm said...

What a great tradition. You and your sister do look a lot alike. Very pretty gals. You live in a beautiful area of the country. Thanks for sharing :)

Megan said...

Wow, it took me a sec to tell which one was you! Your matching outfits crack me up. Looks like a fun sibling outing!

Mona said...

As always Maria, you are always inspiring me. I not only read your words but felt them as well, made me miss my brothers and sisters so much. I am so grateful for close families. I love your family even though I am not related. Hope you had a wonderful christmas. Love ya.