Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss! What a wonderful contribution to our children! What would this world be like without Whoville, Horton, The cat in the hat, and Wockits.
Such a creative mind. I have a hard time reading Fox in Socks, let alone coming up with it!

I hope you dig up some Dr. Seuss books and read them just to honor his memory, even if you don't have kids at home anymore. I won't tell!


Amy said...

Lurv Dr. Seuss. I won tickets when My Girl was about 5. We went to see Dr. Seuss.. I think it was called Seuss the musical. Anyhoo.. we also won dinner, and a group of us were in a picture for a radio webpage. She has a really tall Seuss hat. It made for some really cute pictures.

Ms. Bake-it said...

I love Dr. Seuss! When I found out my dil was pregnant, I started a collection of Dr. Seuss books for the baby. I cannot wait until he is born and old enough for me to start reading to him!

~ Tracy

Tami said...

I will always stand by the fact that once a child reads "Green Eggs and Ham" all by him/herself, they are a true reader! Whether it is memorized or actually read. It's magical and works everytime.

My mom use to read the voices like bubbles when they are under water. I'll bet every child who was read to has a fond memory of at least one Dr. Seuss book.

Thanks for the post.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! That cake would have been a hit in my daughters PreK class yesterday. The had a birthday party for Dr. Seuss. Complete with an appearance from Cat in the Hat!

Sit A Spell said...

I saw you on Amy's blog and wanted to stop by and say HI. What a fun post...I was a teacher before kids and love books. His books have opened the door for many readers over the yrs.

I scrolled down and saw a yummy brownie recipe!