Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

I went out last night, when the light was just right to catch a few pictures of how spring in going around Rainy Day Farm. I hope you enjoy the progress.
We have been having an very warm winter this year thanks to El Nino and it has been wonderful. Plants are blooming and birds are singing. It has been wonderful. So the first day of spring here is going to be wonderful. The weather forecast is for 65 and sunny. We are going to celebrate by tilling the garden and getting started. I am excited to improve this year and produce and store even more food.

My Hawthorne Tree is just beginning to bud.

This is a little out of focus, but there is a bee gathering nectar on my weeping cherry tree. The bees have been enjoying this tree all week as it is in full bloom.

The raspberries are growing their leaves.

The chickens are laying more wonderful eggs.

I was so excited to open the blinds and see the Swallows have returned just in time for the first day of Spring. Now I need to repair the bird house and get it ready for the returning pair that raise their young on my front porch. So much fun in spring. Have a wonderful start to spring!


Lynn said...

Everything looks soo very beautiful! I love flowers, and flower gardens and flowering trees and all! I can't wait till all of ours start blooming!

We've got snow and 28* here in Oklahoma today.. I can't say enough how anxious I am for spring to get here. It was a gorgeous day out yesterday, and was like a beautiful spring day, but, not today, that's for sure!


tammy said...

What great photos!

Skeem's said...

Wonderful, 65 how nice! those eggs look great, nice and big! Beautiful flowers

Linda Stubbs said...

I love your pictures....... beauty!!!!!! It will be spring here before we know it in Kansas. We just needed a little bit of snow to cover so it would give us moisture for our wheat. Maybe that was what the Lord was "thinkin" anyway.

Blessings, Linda

Kristin said...

Great photos! I love spring.

Amy said...

Love to see all your spring a spring'n!

The weather had been lovely here lately too. Hope its ready to stick around for good.

Megan said...

I have also been enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we are having and all the signs of spring. I need to get a bird house up as well so I can have more bird adventures this year!