Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eat from your pantry results

OK, I am finally getting around to my Eat from you Pantry Challenge results post. I had completely forgotten to do it. I must admit that I remembered when I saw my mom's post on her challenge.
Well, anyway, I really enjoyed doing this challenge. It helped me see where my weaknesses are in my pantry and food storage. So I ended up spending $386.00. I normally spend about $600.00. These amounts include household items, school lunch items, toiletries, diapers, etc. So I didn't blow it out of the water, but I was able to save $214.00 for the month of January.

A few things that I enjoyed was trying new recipes so I could use up different types of meat in my freezer. I also enjoyed eating more of the items that came from our garden last year that I put up. I am excited to get started on my garden for this year and can even more of a variety of items. I also enjoyed getting to know my crock pot again. We had some really great dinners from that little jewel.

Because of this challenge I have changed the way I think about grocery shopping and meal preparation. I am looking forward to implementing these changes throughout this year.

I have included a couple pictures of pictures of my pantry and a little bit of my food storage. I am also going to be working this year on increasing my food storage. Because of my husband changing careers and starting over the past two years, we have used up a lot of our food storage items, and I now am gong to try and replenish things. We are even making plans to build a food storage room on our house. I will for sure be posting on that when it happens.

A quote from my very funny friend Kristin, "Fugal is the new black!" Let's make the most of it!


Boyd Family said...

Way to go on the pantry challenge. Just think that is $200 towards next months food. Cute pics on Addison's b-day post too.

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

That's great that you saved that much. Wow! Good job!
I'm itching to garden as well. It'll be time to start my seeds in the house soon. I can't wait.

Amy said...

Great savings Maria!

I love "frugal is the new black".. I couldn't agree more.

I'm curious as to what is in all the foil(?) packages. I can see one says Wheat. That's just me being nosy.. HA!

I see Landon is sure to get in a lot your latest pics.. such sweet cheeks he has!

Megan said...

You'll have to tell me more about this food storage room idea - we need one too! I wish we lived closer so we could go canning together, it was fun doing it together back in U.P.!