Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chicken Day!

One day last week we had a warm sunny day. Rare in these parts, I know, but always appreciated. So I got out and completely cleaned out the chicken coop. I needed to get the manure on the garden so it would have time to dry out before planting time. The coop was also full of dust covered cobwebs that would hit my head when I was inside. It creeped me out so I cleaned them out. I also cleaned out some junk and put in fresh hay in the nest boxes.
Here are a couple of the chicks enjoying the newly cleaned coop. They are all about
the food right now!
Since it was such a nice day we let the chickens out of the field and into the garden they went. they love to til up the ground and hunt for bugs. I think I am going to fence them in for a week when it comes time to open up the garden. They can do it for us!

I got a couple of good shots of our rooster, Danny Boy, while he was running heard on the hens. He has turned out to be a good boy. He is not aggressive or mean, and protects my girls from the Bald Eagles that try and make them into a snack.

Isn't he a beauty. Look at him giving me the evil eye. He is thinking I might get his hens. He just doesn't know who the real boss is!

Of course we can't keep Landon away from the animals. He is going to be a farmer for sure! He loves the chicks and always wants to pet them. They don't think is all that great, and run as fast as they can away from him!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I LOVE Danny Boy!! Now how did you get a nice rooster, the one in with the hens wants to attack me every chance he gets. I smack him a couple times and he leaves me alone for a while.
Funny little thing, my nephew who's 3 went in the run with me and the rooster must have thought he was another chicken he jumped on him and gave the poor baby a little bit of a heart thump. LOL. And yes, mean ol' Aunt Tina chuckled.
Love the pics!

Amy said...

Love pic 4 Maria.. that is very clear, and his feathers are laying so nicely. I'd say his left side is definitely his best side.. he thinks so too. ;O) Landon cracks me up, he's the little man in charge when the big kids are at school, isn't he?!

Jenny said...

Ooooh....your son is adorable. I love visiting chickens vicariously through other people. I used to want some. Now I figure I'm too old AND my weiner dog would just eat them.

Tami said...

So stinkin' cool!

wendy said...

I have fond memories of gathering the eggs at my grandparents chicken coop.
and I loved it when they'd buy a new bunch of baby chicks. All yellow and under the heating lamp grandpa hooked up. You could step on them if you weren't very careful.

Connie said...

Your chickens are so spoiled. You can come and do some spring cleaning at my little 'coop'.
Danny Boy is so regal looking.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Danny Boy is quite handsome. You are lucky he is such a gentleman! I would love to have chickens, but I am pretty sure my neighbors would be pretty upset if I did and would rat me out to the City! They already think I have a revolving door when it comes to animals!

~ Tracy

Megan said...

I love the picture of Landon with the chickens - so adorable!

lostpastremembered said...

I love your chicken coop... I wish I lived in the country... fresh eggs are the best thing in the world!