Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Girl

9 years ago I was in the worst agony of my existence up until that point, but it was worth every minute of the 26 hour labor, for the bundle of joy that came was truly heaven sent. Our baby girl is growing up right before our very eyes.
She may be growing up, but she has stayed sweet, calm, and loving. She is the peacemaker in our home, and the light in our hearts. I am getting teary just typing this, but that is how special this little girl is.
She makes me smile everyday, especially on the days when I am pretty sure I am going to have to go to a nut house because of her brothers.

I don't know what we did to deserves such a wonderful child in our lives. She is the one that makes us think we just might be doing OK in the parenting department.

She has kindest heart and the funniest sense of humor. She was born to be a dancer for sure!

Nothing but love and kindness comes from this little girl. She truly is made of sugar and spice.

Her smile seems always to be present in our lives.

God truly smiled down on our family the day she was born.

Happy Birthday to our special girl Addison! We love you so much!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Addison!

Allison Scherer said...

I'm still impressed with how sweet she was with Isabella out in your backyard a couple summers ago (the day we found out you were pregnant with Landon)! Nothing major, but simple acts of love like picking Isabella up when she fell and guiding her away from potential danger (Logan on the four wheeler). It was a priceless cousin moment, especially since we live far apart and they don't get to spend much time together. Happy Birthday Addison!

I sent her a birthday ecard so make sure to check your email today so she'll know we are thinking of her. I sent it to Robb's email address also just in case.
Love you guys!

Tami said...

Awe! She is such a great combination of both you and Rob. So sweet. Remember how you can't believe how my girls have grown up so fast? Well, just you wait. Addison will be a teenager and then a young adult before you know it.

Happy birthday Addison.

Connie said...

What a special piece of heaven came our way 9 years ago. She is everyhing you described and more.
Have a wonderful day with her and we will see you guys on Saturday.

McCleary Mama said...

Happy Birthday Addison! You guys have truly been blessed with such an adorable little girl. She is so kind hearted, and sooo sooo sweet!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Addison. Wow now that was a walk down memory lane. She has grown into such an awesome girl. Love the rubber boots!!!!

Kristin said...

So Sweet! Happy B-day!

tammy said...

So is adorable - at every age. Children are truly the greatest blessings.

wendy said...

Our children grow up way to fast.
what a lovely tribute to your daughter.

I have ONE daughter and 4 sons......they will still always be MY BABIES

fiberdoodles said...

She is just beautiful! Sending many birthday wishes her way!!

Megan said...

She has always been such a sweetheart! Love you Addison, happy birthday from the crazy boy house (come over and do girl things with me!)