Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy Guacamole!

One of my new, most favorite snacks is creamy guacamole. I got this super yummy and simple recipe from one of my best buds, Megan over at Meg's Cooking Corner. She had us over for a yummy dinner last summer and I could NOT stay out of this yummy stuff. I really think that I like it as much as chocolate! Yikes! Huge I know!

The key to this yummy snack is the chips. These multi grain chips are from Costco, and are a bit spendy, but they are worth every penny! They are good and packed with extra nutrition! So here is what you do!

What you need:
Avocados (make sure they are nice and soft)
Sour cream
Lime juice (if I were good, I would get a fresh one, but bottled works too)
Sea Salt (Very important, must use Sea Salt)

There are no amounts on this recipe, you just mash up the avocados(however many you want). Mix in a dollop or two of sour cream. Add lime juice, maybe 1/2 t. to start with, add more to taste. Then sprinkle in salt to taste. Make sure you taste it with a chip, so you don't over salt the recipe! Play with the recipe so it tastes good to you!

This is also super yummy on sandwiches, tacos, salads, etc. Enjoy!


Amy said...

Sounds heavenly. I love avocado's. I mash them up, add ranch dressing and smear it on pressed pan-ini's for dinner sometimes.

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing another great recipe with us =)

Connie said...

You now have me hooked on those chips. Somehow the guilt isn't as strong eating those as say maybe...Dorito's or Cheeto's

Randy Hall said...

Those are my FAVORITE chips. Part Chip/Part Cracker.

Cara said...

I love, love, love guacamole too!! Yum yum!


Megan said...

Alright! We need another mexican family dinner soon. I made our shared monkey bread recipe again this morning - so good!

tammy said...

my husband loves guacamole but I never make it because I can't eat avocados. I should try your recipe for him.