Sunday, December 20, 2009

For Aunt Sharon

We got together, all the girls in the family, this weekend for our annual Christmas baking day! We go to my Mom's house and bake our little hearts out! We have so much fun laughing joking, sharing secrets and this year even a little dancing.
We had a Christmas music station on that played everything from Bing Crosby to Hansen. We were laughing at one of the hip hop songs and before we knew it my Mom and I were shaking our junk. My Mom even busted out a little Beyonce move. We were laughing so hard about throwing our backs out that we were just in stitches. I am pretty sure that my sister-in-law Randy thinks she married into the weirdest family in history. We did have a sad note, Courtney, my other sister-in-law, really did throw her back out and couldn't come! She was missed. She is the sweetest thing and lots of fun. We hope she gets better.
Kiss cookies are a family favorite. We dive into these first for sure. (Side note, if anything looks good to you, email me and I will get you the recipe.

My sister in her cute gingerbread apron.

My sister-in-law Randy making her rich and yummy Chocolate Raspberry Bar Cookies. Yum!
Candy and Mandy! (Family Joke)

My Dad was brave and took my nephew Matthew and Logan to town shopping with him. They, of course, ended up at the motorcycle shop and made out their wish list. Yeah right! Nice try. Then, my Dad the sucker, drove all over town getting different food for everyone. He ended up at Chinese, Subway, and KFC! What a sport. When they got back they started diving in!
Look at all that yumminess! Sugar cookies, Kiss cookies, Turtles, Peanut Brittle, Meringue Cookies, Peppermint bark, Chocolate Crackles, Almond Roca, Rolo Cookies, Crunchy Peanut Butter balls, Red velvet cake balls, Creme Wafers, Coconut cups, and Fudge, oh my! I hope I got it all! I think we out did ourselves this year, and our waistlines are going to show it!

We're done and still smiling. It was a very fun day. We are sorry our Aunt Sharon was not there to help us. She is a big fan of our cookie day! Maybe one of these years she can pull herself away from the warm sun of Arizona and join us! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. We will all be buzzing on sugar overload.
Merry Christmas!


Connie said...


tammy said...

Love that picture with your Dad and the boys.

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh my, I wish I could stopped by while you there having fun!!! What beautiful cookies! You made a wonderful day full of memories and we got to be a part. Thank you so much.

Merry CHIRSTmas
Blessings, Linda

Amy said...

For some reason my "twin" forgot to tell me about this get together.. LOL.. or I would have been there.. HA! Love the sister's picture.. lucky girl! Seriously that is a TON of cookies... do y'all eat them, or give them as gifts? I LURV the aprons. Hmmm.. I'm thinking you had better keep an eye on those boys.. I see mischief in their eyes... especially the one on the far left.

Shelli said...

What a great tradition! I'm so jealous you have family nearby to have such fun with! And the cookies...they appear to be delish!

Megan said...

Wow, that's a lot of cookies! Looks like a lot of fun, I would have loved to see you dancing! :)

Boyd Family said...

I LOVE it!! I think I might need the peppermint bark recipe and maybe a few others. I might have to just call you. I always do the crunchy peanut butter balls. EVERYONE loves them!!!
Enjoy your day. We'd love to be there watching movies and chowing with you guys!!