Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

The kids has so much fun trick or treating. We were able to kick the flu just in time to go. They went to two different town trick or treats, where businesses hand out candy, and our church also has a Trunk or Treat. I don't know if you have ever heard of those, but they are great. You meet in the church parking lot, and sometimes have a dinner of some sorts inside, then line up all the cars and create a safe "Candy Alley" between the cars. The kids go around 3 or 4 times and come home with quite a bit of loot!

Landon was so cute this year. He knew exactly what to do and man he worked that chubby little pumpkin costume. He would hold up his bucket and say, "Wee Weet." So darn adorable that people would give him extra candy just for being so darn cute.

Logan was our crazy pirate this year. Aaaarrrrgggghhh, Maties! We had to work really hard to get him to let us do the fake mustache and beard. He was having none of it until we pulled out the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and showed him how cool Jonny Depp what with his little bit of facial hair. It took some doing, but we finally convinced him. He got lots of compliments on his "rad" beard. (I am soooo dating myself with that slang word.

Addison was as adorable as ever in her super sweet "Kitty" costume. She got a ton of candy and even helped Daddy pass it out at the Trunk or Treat. She ended up with the biggest pile of candy you ever saw. She is such a hoarder that she will still have some at Christmas. Way to go Addison!

Hope you had a super spooky Halloween. Don't get too sick off the candy!
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Amy said...

ADORABLE... all three, but your baby pumpkin is just too precious!

Our church does a trunk or treat each year. The parents decorate up their cars and pass out candy. My Girl had a soccer game so we missed it. :(

Glad y'all kicked the flu's butt!

Connie said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. They all look so adorable. Looks like they SCORED BIG TIME with the candy.
Anything with chocolate that they don't want have them send them my way. (Ya right like you would let that get by you)
Love you all alot.

Mom, Grandma Connie

Kritter Keeper said...

making good memories is so fun! such cute critters!

Kristin said...

Great pics. I'm already sick on candy, your warning is too late!

Boyd Family said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes. I like your profile pic too. The scarecrow in the yard...totally a guy! We didn't have a trunk or treat up here. What is that all about???? Maybe we need to do an indoor from classroom to classroom treat next year. Hope you are all doing well.
We miss you guys.

tammy said...

What a bunch of cuties!

Lynn said...

It looks like you and your gang had a blast :) Fun times.

Allison Scherer said...

Logan should have joined us this year. The kids look great and it looks like they got a good stash.