Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The time is here! Kids 2nd favorite holiday! Who doesn't love getting free candy for dressing up and being cute! I thought I would share some fun photos of the crazy holiday fun. With the kids being home sick this week with the swine flu Halloween has been a bit down played around here. We did finally get around to carving pumpkins with the kids, and on Halloween I am going to make Candy Corn Cookies with them, but other than that we have not done much.
Here is Logan with his masterpiece! He (I) worked very hard on it. We ended up carving the little sugar pumpkins because the warty pumpkins we got from our neighbors were like trying to cut through steel. I called to ask if they had problems carving and she said her husband had to use a saw and drill to carve his. He said he was afraid he was going to cut himself, so we opted to paint ours. I was in no mood for a broken knife and trip to the ER.

Being Silly

Addison with her work of art. She actually did most of hers by herself. I had to do the mouth, but she did everything else by herself. She is such a big girl!

I found this great picture of a front porch on Better Homes and Gardens. Isn't is a fun front porch. If we got any tricker treaters I would want to do this on my front porch. I just love the trees, so spooky.

This pumpkin terrifies me. I wouldn't put my hand anywhere near that bowl, except if I had PMS and REALLY needed some high fructose corn syrup. But other than that, hands off!

This one just creeped me out. I am still having shivers from it. I am pretty sure this one is going to find its way into my dreams tonight! Yuck!

Only a guy would do something like this! No woman in her right mind would have this hideous thing in front of her house. Can you imagine Martha having her people make something like this up? I think she would rather go back to jail!

Hope you have a very fun Halloween! Trick or Treat!
One last thing-Go check out this blog for some really fun Halloween ideas.

Falling for Fall


Amy said...

Your kiddo's are such cuties..even with the flu.

LOL.. I've seen that last one before. Have you seen the one with a a "woman" scarecrow.. and her um... yeah.. are pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

Jane said...

Sorry to hear the kids were sick this week but hopefully they can get out and get some trick 'r treating in. Love all the Halloween inspiration on you blog....thanks for stopping by mine and your nice comment.

Kritter Keeper said...

i worry about all the little kids with this awful flu! sorry they were sick! pumpkins are cute. thought that was your porch...awesome!

Sarah said...

First off I have to say those jack-o-lanterns are terrific! Sorry to hear the Swine Flu is in your home. That can't be much fun for Halloween. Hope they are better soon.
Enjoyed your photos. The last one is too funny. I agree, only a guy! LOL
Best witches for a spooktacular Halloween. ~ Sarah