Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm back and I brought Judy with Me!

OK, so I finally got the new cord for my laptop and am back in business. (For you enquiring minds out there, the cord got cut by my little Logan a while ago, but still worked. Then my chair pinched it and did it in, so there you have it.) I also have had a touch of the flu this week, and have not been up for posting much, but I am feeling a bit better today.

I am so excited that it is a rainy weekend, and all soccer games have been cancelled! Yippee! I have lots and lots of stay at home and relax plans. I want to catch up on posts, make some crafts and bake something yummy! So here I go!

My first post is going to be of Judy's adorable little Farmstead that she opens once a month. It is so adorable and everything was so cute. From her house and yard to everything she stocks her little store with. I could have spent hundreds of dollars, but was a good girl and only spent $1.00 on some yummy smelling rose hips. So sit down with a nice cup of cocoa or tea and enjoy the tour.

Here is a super cute shelf by the front door of her store that is loaded with cute goodies. I believe that the sign was made by my Mom.

This funny cow is just out along the driveway, but was so darn funny I just had to include it in the pictures. It is not a real cow and I forgot to ask here where she got it, but I want one in my yard someday just for funny factor. Isn't she adorable.

This is the wartiest pumpkin I have ever seen. Isn't it perfect on this post?

This is just about the cutest witch I have ever seen, I just love her pink rubber boots.

What a cute nest box. Who knew something like that could be so cute. She also had these adorable scarecrows for sale too. They were too cute.

I loved this quilt on the ladder. I never would have thought to put a quilt outside, but it is such an adorable touch with the cornstalks and mum.

And, we can't forget the inside of the shop. It is just as adorable as the outside. I love that she had antiques mixed in with hand crafted items. It made every shelf an adventure to look at. I really, really loved that cow pitcher. I am sure my kids would thin that would be hilarious to pour milk from it.

I just loved these cute little tags. So sweet!

I loved this little cabinet with it's kitchen scale on top.

This was one of my favorites too, OK everything was my favorite, but I thought this was fun. An old grocery scale.

And this little guy was so charming sitting there on the shelf. I just love old fashioned looking Halloween decorations. There is just something so innocent about them.

Hope you enjoyed the tour around Judy's little Farmstead. I sure had fun!


Beth said...

Hahaha! I LOVE the cow :) I want one, except I have no where to put her since I live in a apartment ;)

Amy said...

Great pics.. what a sweet shop. I too could spend plenty of $$ in there. I just took some shots of warty pumpkins today... they are so ugly their cute!!

OH.. and the blocks came yesterday, and they are even more precious in person.. THanks you SO MUCH Maria!!


Connie said...

That turned out so cute. I sent a link to Judy. I think she will love it.