Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yummy Summer Treat-Pudding Pops

Do you remember those commercials with
Bill Cosby
advertising those yummy Jello pudding pops from you local grocers freezer? I always wanted to have my mom run to the store and buy a box of those every time I watched those commercials.

So, the other day I was wanting to come up with some sort of treat for my munchkins, and I didn't want to have to leave the house and go to the store. I wanted to blow their little minds with my creativity. So I came up with this. Not sure where such a stroke of genius came from. I can hardly remember if I brushed my teeth or fed the dog. So here are the fruits of my genius. Hope you enjoy them!

Pudding Pops

1 box instant pudding, any flavor

2 c. milk

9 small paper cups

9 wood Popsicle sticks

Mix the pudding according to package directions.

Pour into paper cups and let it set for a few minutes.

Poke sticks into pudding and place on a pan and put into the freezer. Freeze for several hours.

Remove from freezer and tear off paper cup. Turn over and start licking! Enjoy!

Tasting....wait for it...wait for it....

Yummy! It's a hit! My mommy is such a Genius!

We love our mommy. She makes us treats!


Amy said...

LOL.. love the tongue action. What cute faces. That IS a fab idea. I think my young'ns might like some of those.

fiberdoodles said...

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing with us.


Megan said...

Hey, I used to love those commercials too! Good idea for cheap summer popsicles.