Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ripe old age of 6!

Our Logi boy has reached the ripe old age of 6. He is our family comedian and all around fun guy. He is so full of energy that he makes most us tired just watching him. I just know he will grow up to be a long distance runner and run all the way across the country on nothing but chicken nuggets and scrambled eggs.
He had a fun birthday! He got to go to the store and pic out his birthday gift all by himself. He chose Mario Kart for the Wii. They have been begging for months for that game and I held them off for as long as I could. Now I am going insane with Mario music and bickering over who gets to be the controller! UGH!
He also got the movie Kung Fu Panda! A totally hilarious movie about a plump panda who save the day. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Logan is doing his Kung Fu moves, and has watched it about 47 times since he got it. He also got a cool summer outfit and a slip n slide.
We are so glad to have this little live wire in our family to keep us on our toes and our sides in stitches! Happy Birthday buddy!
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Kristin said...

cool spidey cake, I'm impressed!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday you cute little boy! Love the cake! You know, this may sound funny but I wanted to see Kung Fu Panda, even though I don't have kids...I just know it would make me laugh. LOL!

Amy said...

LOVE that cake, did you make it mom?? If so, great job!

Loved Kung Fu Panda. It makes me laugh that a bunch of my son teenage friends went to see it when it came out.. HA! Or maybe it was the fact that girls were going to... oh well. You have a while before you have to worry about that right?!

Sure looks like Logan had a great Birthday!

Rainy Day Farm said...

No, I did not make the cake. He found it at Walmart, and I made a different cake for the rest of us. The spider man cake was very tiny. He loved it!

Megan said...

Happy birthday Logan! You guys need to come over so he can do Kung Fu Panda moves with my boys!

tammy said...

What a cutie.

I totally understand the overload on Mario music!

Thanks for your comment today!