Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Family Home!

Ok, we all felt the loss of the killdeer eggs, but I have good news. The swallows that nest on my front porch are back and busy as ever. They are rebuilding their nest in this birdhouse that sits on my front porch. Isn't it cute? It looks like a little bird shanty! I love it. This is the third year they have come back.
They dive and squawk at us all the time. They are such shy little birds though. I repaired the bird house earlier in the spring, hoping they would come back. It got blown over in a winter storm and the top came loose from the base. But we are back in business.

This is picture in the hole. It is hard to see the nest, because they are a bit messing in their homes. They most certainly are not the Martha Stewart of birds. As soon as I hear the babies, I will try and sneak a pick.

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Amy said...

Cute birdhouse. I just love it when the birds nest in the Spring, we have one that nests under our back deck. I just don't like the mess they leave behind.... yuck.