Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few of my favorite things in the yard!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things in my yard. I love this time of year when we are outside more often and enjoying our property. We love to work in our yard and play with the kids and chat with neighbors who pass by.

This is one of my favorite things because everything that comes out of our garden tastes so good. We have added new items to the menu this year and I can't wait to try everything. We will soon be eating spinach, lettuce and radishes. Yummy salads are coming our way. The kids love to spend time with us out there. They have their little garden tools and they dig away for us. They have been so helpful when it comes to weeding. They are little Gardner's for sure!
My next favorite thing outside is our Hawthorne tree. We had it out front, but the top half died over the winter, so we moved it to the backyard. We will see if the bottom half withstands the move and makes it. I sure hope so. Out of all the trees we have in our yard, this is one of my favorites. Just look at those charming little flowers. They make my heart happy every time I look at them.
This beauty is a recent addition to the front yard. We got this peony from my hubby's Grandmother's yard. It has been a little droopy, but I think it will make it. The color is so beautiful. I love peonies because they are so lush and full.
This is a sweet little geranium that I got from my Mom's yard. I am not sure what the variety is, but it is such a fun cone shaped bush that has these adorable periwinkle flowers on them.

This is my sweet little surprise this year. I planted this little columbine last year and it died back very quickly. I thought it was a goner and forgot about it. Much to my surprise this year it came back right next to this little well that I bought in Utah years ago. It has been kicking around our yard for years, and finally found its companion. They look so cute together! That is what I love about gardening, sweet little surprises all the time. Never count something out, it just might surprise you.
My Grandmother used to have these little charmers in her yard and we said they were little monkey faces laughing at us. They are so cheery in the spring, and they just come up wherever they please. They are like the gypsy of the garden.

This is my planting buddy. Bob is such a snoop that he has to be in the middle of everything while I am working in the yard. He had to come and get his 15 minutes of fame. Don't you just love his half pink and half black nose?

There is very little gardening done when this cute face is around. Soley is the most needy dog we have ever had. She is constantly bumping my elbow for a pet when I am down on the ground digging in the dirt. But who could resist such a sweet face!

I can't forget my sweet william and hostas. These hostas are again from my hubby's Grandmothers yard and as you can tell are due to be divided. We are going to be working this week on our Fairy garden. We are moving these beauties to the back yard and going to great a little haven for fairies. That will be another post soon, hopefully.

And finally who doesn't love strawberries? I made these little garden stakes this year, and I love them. They make everything so charming. We will have a great crop this year, unlike last year when Fred got in there and ate all the plants down before they could flower. I think we only got 6 strawberries last year, and Addison ate all of them herself. The little berry picker that she is!

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites. I will have more to come as the summer passes by. Happy gardening!


Amy said...

Everything looks beautiful! Hubby is going to be building some rectangular container garden beds, but probably not until next spring. We just have so much to do. Oh.. do you have problems with deer? We have so many, that I doubt I will be able to grow a thing!!

Shady Creek Lane said...

Your yard is looking awesome. Isn't it fun to share plants with others when you have an abundance. It makes the plants seem so special, every time you look at it you remember the person you got it from.
I really hope the hawthorne tree makes it, it is so pretty when it blooms.
I have been studying so much that I have neglected my yard this year. The flower bed in back with the wisteria tree is like a mini jungle. It is cool to see the perennials come back though in spite of all of the weeds. Some of those perennials are "tough buggers".

Happy Gardening to you all, the yard looks great!

Love Ya

Kristin said...

I would love to have your yard, thanks for naming everything for the gardening impaired like myself. You guys really have a beautiful place and I love how there are plants from lots of people you love! Those hawthorn tree blossoms are really spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I really love that Maria loves yard work...it makes my life much easier.

Robb (Hubby)

Michelle said...

Love your sweet garden! I especially like that wishing well. Your flowers are all so beautiful. I think it's funny how your fur babies wanted to be in the picture. What cute little helpers! :)

Megan said...

Yard is looking great! I can't wait to hear about the fairy garden, did you get the idea from Family Fun?

mormonhermitmom said...

Thanks for stopping by blog! Your yard looks wonderful!

nikkicrumpet said...

There is something so thrilling about spring and gardens. Like you said...you never know whats going to pop up and surprise you. I just have to restrain my hubby from weeding...he tends to pull up all the wrong things! Your gardens look lovely...and it sounds like fresh veggies are in your future...YUM