Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look what I got!

Ok, I have one of the best Mother's around. She knows my affection for very cute things and brought up this very supper-di-dooper cute Happy Birthday banner. Isn't it the cutest thing? I can't wait to use it for one of our next birthday parties. I can finally retire the extremely ugly Walmart version I have been using since Addison was 1. Yes, people that was 8 years ago, I need to get with the times in the birthday decor, and guess what? Now I am.

Look at all the cute detail she put into this adorable little thing. My nephew Spencer, the little cutie, needs to get a few kudos too. I heard him hammering in grommets the other day, and my mom said she was bringing a little surprise for me on Easter. Don't you just love his handy work! Good job Spence!

I love all the colors and details that she put into it. So keep an eye out for future posts where this cute little number shows up. (I'll give you a hint, Logan and I both have b-days coming up soon)


Kristin said...

Very cute! What a crafty talented Mom you have!

Amy said...

That is just adorable. Very sweet mom in deed!