Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebration

We had a wonderful Easter day, the kids got their Easter baskets and then we had a quick breakfast, got dressed and headed off to church. It was our stake conference, so we had a wonderful time hearing the speakers. We came home and my parents and my youngest brother and his wife came over. We had a yummy dinner, and of course ate way way way too much. The girls even snuck off to the bedroom and watched Twilight. Its was lots of fun. The only downer of the day was the rain. It absolutely poured all day long. We had standing water everywhere. It felt like January. But, being true Washingtonians, the kids trudged out for an Easter egg hunt anyway. Rubber boots were an absolute must. All in all it was a lot of fun, especially when my awesome Hubby and Dad did all the clean up! Hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

The munchkins looked so cute in their Easter outfits. They were already hopped up on sugar at this point, so I was thankful to get a decent picture of the three of them. I just want to pinch their cheeks.

I was so inspired by all the blogs out in blog land that I went a bit overboard on the Easter decorations and food this year. I was in the hospital last year on Easter with my baby I went a little crazy making up for it. I found this idea of Easter basket cupcakes from Bakerella
. The kids and I had so much fun making these little things. I put them in a bag with a poem attached and gave them to my family as a take home gift. It was fun.

The first thing Landon did was open a marshmallow bunny and chomp it down. Yes, it was 7:30 in the morning when he ate this, but I figure it is only once a year that he gets to do this kind of thing. Of course we could just make this a family habit and do it everyday. Why not start the day off with a good dose of chocolate and high fructose corn syrup? You can close your mouth now, I would not do that in a million years, because then I would have to deal with the sugar rush every morning. Yuck, in mommy land.

TA DA! This was our Easter table. Yes, those napkins are in the shape of a bunny, and I am too mathmatically challenged to do that sort of thing, so my dear husband sat and folded all of those cute little bunnies. What a man! I will have to get over to do Table Scape Thursday and show off my work. Since I only have two sets of dishes I don't get over there very often. We'll see how busy Thursday gets.

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Amy said...

Your little ones are precious! Love the matching outfits on the boys and such a pretty dress your daughter is wearing. The cupcakes are adorable so nice you sent them home as a treat! Great tables~cape, glad your day was joyful!

Oh.. and my kids ares still hyped up on sugar. We moms have to cut loose sometimes don't we?!

Kristin said...

Wow impressive table and kids and cupcakes, you are pretty much an Easter rock-star. We are withdrawling off sugar today and is it bad I wish I had more to take the edge off my kids and me? The sugar high is one thing, but the sugar low? oh so low...

Megan said...

Are those napkins shaped like bunnies? Wow, very cute! Glad you had a fun Easter despite the rain.

Shady Creek Lane said...

Yes it was a great Easter. We enjoyed the day so much, since you had to do pretty much all of the work. Very relaxing just sitting around playing with the flarp...hehehe!!!!!!!
The drive home wasn't too bad either, not as much traffic as we anticipated.
Thanks for everthing.

love you guys,

Allison Scherer said...

I want to pinch Landon's cheeks really bad in that picture of all the kids. Every time you post about a holiday I wish we were closer to celebrate together.