Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bob, the Prince

This is our cat Bob. Bob had chosen his place in our family as the "Prince of the Property." I think in his former life he was a dog of some sort, because he does dog things all the time. He goes on walks down the road with us, follows us out to the barn to feed the animals, and helps us weed in the yard during the summer. Although the we weed and he attacks like a puma, scaring us out of our wits. If we are outside he has to be in the mix of whatever we are doing. He hates to miss out on any fun to be had.

As prince of the property he has a favorite game he likes to play. It is called "How many times can I get them to open the door for his royal highness!" He loves to scratch at the door in the morning and come in and get warmed up for about 10 minutes, then wants the door opened so he can have his royal morning feast, then back in about 30 minutes later after a royal hunting trip in the woods across the road. After all that excitement he wants to come in and have his royal nap, on our bed as his first preference. Then it is off for another hunting trip and who know what else he does out there.

But today, for some odd reason he decided to have nap on the rug in front of the sliding glass door. The kids were eating lunch and Landon was safely confined to his highchair, so Bob must have felt this was safe place for a quick royal nap. Plus the sun was coming through the window at that precise moment and was luxuriously warm, and what cat can pass that up? I had to get a few shots of him napping in the perfect sunlight, so I laid down on the kitchen floor

(I just mopped the other day, so I felt it was safe, otherwise no way, I have 3 kids, that floor can get down right nasty) to get the perfect shots. Nothing incredibly magical happened, but I did get these funny pictures of him falling asleep. I call them going, going, gone! Good night my Prince, sweet dreams! Or rest until the baby gets done eating and your Princely time is up!


Natasha said...

He is the funniest cat I have ever seen. Matthew sat here last night and read your whole blog. My kids totally love to look at the blog and pics.

Skeem's said...

Thats a cat for ya, they think they own the place:) I miss having cats! He looks so soft and cuddly.

Anna said...

We have a kitty door in the basement window that they can go in and out the their hearts content, but they like to go in and out the people door when ever they get the chance. Some of them like to run down stairs, go out their door and then come up to the people door (which is glass so they can see in) and ask to be let in, so we do, then they go back downstairs, out and want to be let in again! Silly cats. We would go bonkers without the cat door because we have 18 cats. In fact we have one that looks a lot like your prince bob, but ours is named tuxedo.

Amy said...

Ah.. Bob is so cute! I love cats, I want one.