Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be my Valentine?

I ran across these adorable valentines they other day. I just love these old fashioned looking cards. I just picture the cute girl in a one room school with pigtail blushing furiously when the cutest boy in the class hands her one of these sweet little cards. They are so sweet and charming.

This one is so cute because it makes me want to go and find costumes like this for my kids and put them in it. Addison I am sure would love it, but Logan would complain like Ralphie in his bunny costume from Aunt Clara. Oh well, I am sure I will have many other opportunities to embarrass my kids.

This is the one I want from my husband. What woman does not want a man on his knees groveling for your love! We women are so fickle like that. That is what keeps the men coming back for more. They secretly love the games! Yeah right!

Don't we all want a man in knickers! Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks, the little valentine cherub that he is.

I loved this one because it reminded me of Addison when she still liked puffy dresses. Except for the wildly curly hair...that's more like me when I was a kid! Yikes! Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy these sweet little valentines and I hope you all have wonderfully sweet Valentines day too! I hope you like my little romantic french music in honor of Valentines Day! I have not idea what they are saying, I just hope it is not "You have stinky feet and I can't stand the sight of you!" That would be a mood killer!TTFN


Megan said...

I think you need to watch some Jane Austen this weekend to fulfill your men in knickers needs! Have a fun weekend.

Connie said...

I'm pretty sure I received a valentine just like the top one when I was in the first grade. Oh how it takes me back...way, way, way back. Thanks for posting these cute valentines

Kristin said...